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When a horse travels from and to an EU country, you will need Traces papers. Exceptions do apply though, you will need to check with your ministry vet what the agreements are between the country that you are travelling from and the country that you are going to. For example; between The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Luxemburg the horses can go to shows without being checked by an official vet and without Traces papers. When a horse has been seen by a state vet, he will receive a health certificate. When a horse receive one for itself -with no other horses on the HC- the horse can travel within EU for 10 days. This can be used for travelling to the show and back. When a horse has a health certificate but there are also other horses mentioned on the form (not for registered horses), they have to reach their destination within one day. A new health certificate is required to either come back or to continue the journey. A horse is a registered horse when it’s registered by an official studbook or FEI.