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Usually, when a horse travelling within Europe, no blood test is required. There are exceptions; the city Prague for example is asking for a coggingstest. It’s very important to read the show schedule carefully, it will provide all information you need. Also check with your state vet which blood tests are required. Outside Europe, usually blood tests are required. You can check with us, the travel agency or at the website of the state vets which tests are needed to be done. Keep in mind that it can take up to 10 working days to receive the results. Your vet will need to take the blood and send it to the official lab in time. To which lab you will need to send the blood, depends on from where the horse is travelling. For example; if a horse horse that is based in The Netherlands is flying out from The Netherlands, the tests will need to be done from the official lab in Lelystad, The Netherlands. If a horse is based in The Netherlands but is flying out from Germany, the blood will need to be tested at the lab in Germany.