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Who needs a personal assistant?

Everybody needs a personal assistant! Having an equestrian PA is not a luxury, but essential if you want to focus on what you are good at. That’s what we do as well! We don’t think it’s a luxury, but essential to have someone who is taking care about your management. It absolutely gives more headroom when you know you got your things sorted.


Do I have my own assistant?

Correct – you have your own dedicated and reliable personal assistant. She is the person you are in touch with, although it could be that another expert helps her if needed.


What if my assistant is ill or is going on holiday?

Don’t worry! Of course your assistant can go for a well deserved holiday. That doesn’t mean you have to organise everything yourselves these weeks. Another PA will take over the activities. We will inform you in time and make sure everything will be running as smooth as usual.


Which tasks can I delegate?

A lot of people think we ‘just’ transport horses. Not at all! We do understand the question though. When you are not into equestrian (top-) sport, we understand that one can underestimate the amount of work that comes with show horses. Not only at or before the show, but also at the home stable. 
When people ask what we are doing, we always says that we make sure that riders “just have to ride”. We take care of the rest. It just depends per person what kind of tasks he or she would like to delegate.


How do you keep up with your clients?

We will stay in touch via phone, WhatsApp and/or e-mail. Once a week we will schedule a meeting to catch up; either by phone or FaceTime.


How about my privacy?

We are working in a protected cloud and guarantee your private documents are totally safe. More information can be found in the PRIVACY STATEMENT.


Which subscription do I need?

Check our customized pricing on the homepage.