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Are you competing international shows? For me personally, I always enjoyed these shows a lot. A few years ago, I represented The Netherlands at international Pony, Junior- and Young Riders shows. Very impressive it was! Preparing your horse for the show, the travel arrangements, beautiful venues and being surrounded by other great riders. All aiming for the best result.


Not only the training of your horse is important whilst preparing for the show, also other preparations need to be sorted before heading to the venue. Not everybody’s favourite things, but they need to be done too! Herewith we share some tips and tricks:


         Make the request for the ministry vet in time! Let’s be honest… Have you ever left the stables realising you are traveling without health certificates?

         Check if the FEI-passport is still valid and make sure your horse is correctly vaccinated

         Every FEI-show has a schedule with important information. Read the schedule!

          Make the entries in time. If you are changing horses, make sure the show office knows this in time and change this in the FEI-system before the closing date

        Make sure you know when the stables are open and when the vetcheck takes place. These things are important to plan the trip.

         Are you staying at the hotel or in your lorry? Is the hotel paid for the riders or is this on own expenses? Send your shuttle request and hotel reservation to the show office in time.

–         Organise your flight and don’t forget to check in 😉


There are a lot of other preparations that need to be done before the fun part begins. We know that you prefer to have everything sorted so you can enjoy the show and focus on your achievements. We also know that with that many preparations things can go wrong or can be forgotten, which causes stress.


Make sure everything is prepared accordingly!

Ofcourse we can do all preparations for you, but do you prefer not to hand over your management without forgetting important tasks? We got you. That’s why we introduce the reminder service! How does it work?  You send us an e-mail with your agenda. We will check all important information and dates in the schedule. You will receive a summary of all important information and send you a reminder e-mail for all deadlines, so you can organise this yourself. You will never be late with entries, you get your health certificates in time and there is way less to think of, so you can focus on your horses.


Are you interested in using the reminder service or would you like to receive more information? Please contact us via