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One of the most important deadlines for Tokyo 2020 is coming up! Note that all horses need to have the same nationality as the athlete riding the horse. The deadline of 15 January is approaching fast, be aware that after this deadline you can not change the horses’ nationality anymore! 

  • The nationality of the Owner of a Horse competing at Tokyo 2020 must be the same as the nationality of the Athlete riding the Horse
  • Only Horses owned by Owner(s) having the same nationality of the Athlete (i.e. not leased horses) can participate at Tokyo 2020
  • The Owner of the Horse and its nationality must be entered in the FEI Database by 15 January 2020 
  • If the nationality of the Horse is changed between 15 January 2020 and Tokyo 2020 the Horse will not be eligible to compete at Tokyo 2020 (The owners can change provided the nationality is maintained) 
  • As per the FEI General Regulations, “Owner” means a person or entity having a property interest in whole or in part of one or more horses 
  • The horse may be owned by individual(s) and/or company(ies) and/or by a partnership of individual(s) and/or company(ies) 
  • If the Horse is owned by a company, the nationality of the Horse is that of the country where the company is registered. The name of the company and its nationality must be entered in the FEI Database by 15 January 2020 as mentioned above 
  • When a Horse is owned by a company it is not mandatory to enter the name of an individual (with legal ownership in the company) in the FEI Database prior to 15 January 2020.

The NF of a Horse belonging to a partnership or syndicate of owners must inform the FEI by 10 April 2020, i.e. the date of the Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (OCOG) and International Olympic Committee (IOC) accreditation date for NOCs, of the name of one (1) owner to ensure that they are entered in the Olympic Accreditation System.

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