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Equestrian personal assistants


Equi-PA believes:

Focus on what you are good at

I fully understand that a rider’s core business is riding and other activities may distract. Topsport nowadays isn’t only about talent anymore. From  my own experience, I know that with good management the performance will increase. You are good at riding, I am good at organizing. You can focus on your accomplishments, I take care of the rest!

Equi-PA assists riders and equestrian companies.


Preparing shows, such as entries, flights, hotel bookings, accreditations, travel documents for your horses, groom, etc, but also keeping an eye on horses vaccinations, scheduling appointments for vets, farriers  and more

equestrian companies:

basically you can think of everything that comes with running a business. E-mails, agenda, insurances, HR, everything for your horses, interviews with new employees and more.

your advantages

Ride With Focus

The result of outsourcing your equestrian management:

✓ You will be able to be more focussed on your goals because you know your to-do list is done by an experienced equestrian professional

✓ More time to devote to your clients, horses, business and family

✓ More brainpower to focus on the development of the business in the long-term


What I Can Do For You

I take care of your equestrian management so you can focus on achieving excellent results in the arena. From the entire show preparations to answering your e-mails to me whilst you are busy riding or training, I am happy to assist. My services are entirely personalised to meet your preferences and needs, so you can focus on your accomplishments!

SHOW management

A lot of preparations are needed before you can compete at (international) shows. I will take care of this.

Office management

If we can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact. We help with equestrian related tasks.

From the Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

In January 2018 Equi-PA was founded with the vision of positively influencing show performance through good management. My mission is to provide riders with their own personal assistant who takes care of all management. Whether you have just one horse or a full yard, I’ll get it organized.


The services are entirely personalised to meet your preferences and needs. 


Grintweg 10

4823 ZC Breda

Floor van Gelderen: +31628272312