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As an FEI-competitor, you know there are a lot of things to think about. One of
them, one of huge importance, is the complete vaccination program of your

If you are competing at FEI-shows, your horse must be vaccinated against EquineInfluenza.

All Equine Influenza vaccines are accepted by the FEI. Every vaccination given must be registered on the correct vaccination page in the horses’ passport, signed and stamped by a veterinarian. This can be in the studbook passport, or inthe FEI-passport.

If there is no more space at the vaccination pages of both passports, you will need to purchase a duplicate passport at your federation. The vet can use the following to summarise the vaccination history: “The vaccination history of this Horse is correct to date. Last vaccination on 00/00/00 date”.

What if your vaccinations are not up to date and your horse is already at the show? If worse comes to worse, your horse must leave the showground immediately.

Sometimes, if you can provide a statement of your vet where he declares that the horse has been vaccinated within the required timeframe, they make an exception and you can compete. Better safe than sorry, make sure you won’t forget to call your vet!